Picture analog

LEFSON uses the classic ANALOG technology. "classic" because we don't use miniaturized components (micro-electronics, SMC). On dynamic processing, it no longer has to demonstrate its superiority, in terms of sound quality, in front of digital technology.

This choice is not dogmatic, but simply the necessary condition to achieve the best result.


Picture audiophile

If the schematic of a device is critical, the quality and the type of the components used to make the circuit are equally important. For LEFSON, the design takes place in two steps : the experimentation and the research of the best schematic, followed by hundreds of hours of audio comparisons to select the components to achieve the best sound reproduction. This last step, often overlooked, is for us paramount. Again, the economic stresses are discared to let space for a single criterion : the audio result.


Picture philosophy

The globalization of the industry pushes many companies to adopt economic behaviors often unfavorable to the quality and performances of their products. LEFSON doesn't think like that. On the contrary, we use this natural phenomenon to explain to the greatest number of people our philosophy : the combination of the conceptual intransigence, the handmade manufacturing and the French know-how, the purity of the components, and the innovation.

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Assembly method

Picture assembly

Based on this philosophy, our devices must inevitably be fully designed, assembled by hand and tested in our workshops. Each unit passes many strict controls at various steps of the assembly. LEFSON devices are certified by an independent testing laboratory, according to the rules and standards of each country. Electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility have been tested and have received multiple certifications for the comfort and the tranquility of our customers. Please see "COMPLIANCE" page for more information.