Picture of RCA-X

« Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed »

Antoine Laurent de Lavoisier (1743–1794)

As a result of our researches on the wire line transmission of low frequencies AC signals, the LEFSON RCA-X line of analog interconnect cables is composed of five models : RCA-X1 to RCA-X5. Designed for audiophile people and professionals of sound, the LEFSON RCA-X interconnect cables reveal the true potential of the devices they are connected to.

Picture of RCA-X Cables

The five models of the range allow everybody to benefit of our fundamental researches, and are corresponding to the value of any HI-FI or professional system.

All LEFSON RCA-X cables are very flexible, protecting from any undesirable vibration phenomenon. They are also shielded, which makes them usable even for a high-impedance link or near sources of electromagnetic radiation (power supply transformer, mains cable, speaker cable, etc...)

We could easily try to impress our readers with a lot of glowing adjectives about the LEFSON RCA-X cables, but there's only one way to feel their very high performances : the listening.

If we had to to briefly summarize the main remarks of our users :


Picture of RESISTOR-D

- Bandwidth enlargement

- Smallest details reproduction

- Timbres realism

- Depth and tri-dimension

- Signal-to-noise ratio increase

- Higher dynamic range

- Stereophonic widening

- Panorama accuracy

Please visit the Users page to read users reviews around the world !

Picture of RCA-X4 Cables

A connection direction which must be respected, from the source to the load, is indicated by a trident at each end of the cable. Connecting in the wrong direction will not prevent cable operation, but will produce lower performances.

Each RCA-X wood box contains a pair of interconnect cables (default 2x 1 meter). All lengths are available on request.

Like all LEFSON products, the RCA-X cables are fully assembled by hand in our workshops in Northern France. All manufacturing steps are subject to drastic procedures and controls.